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January 4, 2013
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||Basic Information||
Full Name: Moeka Shibasaki (シバサキ もえか ,Shibasaki Moeka)
[柴咲 萌え, Firewood Blooming, Budding Flower]
-Moe-kyan, Moe-chan, Moecchi
Clan: Shibasaki Family (柴咲家, Shibasaki-ke)
Gender: Female
Age: -16-17
Height: -159.5 cm (5ft 2 inches)
Weight: -44.8 kg (98.767 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Birthdate: March 17th (Aries)
Birthplace: Konohagakure
Current Residence:
   - Kae Shibasaki (father; deceased)
   - Sakuyu Konomoto (mother; deceased)
   - Kouki Shibasaki (younger brother)
   - Shouki Shibasaki (younger brother)
   - Yaeza Shibasaki (aunt)
   - Asami Konomoto (distant cousin)

Moeka is the eldest child of Kae and Sakuyu Shibasaki and the older sister of twin boys Shouki and Kouki. Her parent's were Shinobi of Konohagakure and childhood sweethearts. When it became known that Sakuyu was pregnant the couple decided to marry and have a family. Moeka's early years were formative and loving. Her parents narrowly survived the Kyuubi attack on Konoha and as the village began to rebuild, so did their family. Kae took on a more manual job working for a construction company and Sakuyu began working at her parent's store, though at times both would sneak in a mission or two. When peace had returned to the village, Sakuyu had twin boys Shouki and Kouki and stayed at home to care for them. At this point Moeka was 6 and had taken well to being a big sister, becoming a little madam around the house. Life was good for the Shibasaki family. Until the day her parents were summoned for a high ranking mission, one that required both of their specific skills. With their children left in the care of Kae's younger sister, Yaeza, they departed for their mission, promising to be back soon.
But they never returned home.

Childhood to Present
Moeka had a loving upbringing and happy childhood. She was a bright and intelligent child and showed great interest in becoming a shinobi, mostly due to the admiration she had for her parents. It was her dream to be the first female Hokage some day which her parents jokingly encouraged. After the Kyuubi attack, she enrolled in the Ninja academy; where she surprised many with her progress. Moeka was considered a genius at the age of 6 but her education was cut short after the death of her parents. Although they were taken in by their aunt, Moeka took it upon herself to raise her younger brothers by herself. Becoming a great shinobi remained a fervent dream. When the boys were old enough they too entered the academy and Moeka was able to return to education, though she had gotten a little rusty. Moeka was made repeat a year she missed in order to catch up on her skills. But Moeka found much of the subjects repetitive and boring, so to entertain herself she would borrow books on advanced techniques from the school library. Her time as a 'genius' boosted her ego and Moeka felt it was redundant to relearn such simple techniques. Unfortunately, Kouki contracted a serious illness and Moeka put her studies on hold to take care of her sick brother. Almost a year passed before Moeka resumed her education again. During her time at home, Moeka begged her aunt Yaeza to teach her Weapon Expansion, an advanced technique the jounin was renowned for.

Sure enough Moeka became proficient at it and returned to the academy, eager to show off her new skills. She was able to advance to genin rank but not in time to graduate with her class. This meant Moeka was not assigned to a team due to odd numbers in her year. This did not put her out however, as she became an additional member for some teams in need of assistance or if a member suddenly fell ill. Over time, Moeka earned the title of the "Spare Team Member", much to her brothers' amusement and her chagrin. So she was passed around from team to team until she caught wind of the upcoming Chuunin exams and saw this as the perfect opportunity to advance in rank. Fortunately, Moeka was placed on a team whose third member dropped out due to illness and anxiety over the exam. Determined to pass, Moeka and her teammates departed for Kumogakure, the host village of the Chuunin Exams. Grueling exams and battles with talented ninja left Moeka exhausted, but nonetheless her team passed, earning themselves the rank of Chuunin. But that wasnt enough to sate her and Moeka began looking for a chuunin team she could take to Jounin rank. However the Hokage felt she had had enough team hoping and has currently assigned her to Team Ihika as their official 4th member, feeling a female touch was sorely missing on that team.

||Ninja Information||
Classification: Shinobi
Affiliation: Konohagakure
Registration Number: 12001
Ninja Rank: Chuunin
Academy Graduation Age: 14
Chunin Graduation Age: 16
Squad: Team Ihika
   -Chokkei Akimichi
   -Kuroba Yamashiro
   -Kietahi Hyuuga
Squad Leader: Ihika
Chakra Nature: Fire Release (火遁, Katon)
Kekkei Genkai: N/A
Weapon(s): Large variety of weapons; prefers the use of Kama and kusarigama
Summoning(s): Weapons

Moeka is a skilled weapons handler and mainly focuses on Bukijutsu (武器術; Weapon Techniques) rather than focus on other techniques. She is capable of handling a variety of weapons but her preferred choice is a Kama or Kusarigama, which she keeps sealed in summoning scrolls. She is also a competent user of a special ninjutsu called Weapon Expansion (武器拡充, Buki Kakujuu) taught to her by her aunt Yaeza. This jutsu allows the user to both increase and decrease the size of their weapons or alter their shape entirely. This is done through the use of specially formulated seal tags, the formula of which Yaeza created herself. By placing these seal tags on weapons, the user can manipulate the weapons' form with their chakra. However, Weapon Expansion does not affect the weapon's weight and the effects of the jutsu are temporary.

||Personal Information||
Independent, Optimistic, Studious, Passionate
Good Traits: Hardworking, Caring, Generous, Self-driven, Brave
Bad Traits: Domineering, Headstrong, Moody, Inpatient
Likes: Cute Girls, Learning, New Weapons
Dislikes: Stupid Boys, Her brothers, Pranks,
Hobbies: Reading, Baking, visiting Weapon stores,
Favorite Foods: Anything with Azuki red beans in it, Energy drinks
Least Favorite Foods: Noodle dishes, Ramen in particular

Moeka is independent, overbearing, impatient and quick-tempered, making her quite loud and violent when angered. Her short fuse is due to having to deal with her mischievous younger brothers, Kouki and Shouki, who cause her trouble on a regular basis. Despite her temper she can be quite kind and generous, having given up on her education in order to raise the boys herself. She is quite self-sufficient and hardworking, taking as many missions as possible to earn money for herself and her brothers so they don't live off of their aunt's money. Moeka tries to appear mature but can be just as childish as her siblings, becoming stubborn or sulky when something doesn't turn out how she wants it to. She is quite ambitious, dreaming of becoming the first female Hokage as a child and then later setting her sights on becoming a Jounin. She is very optimistic and brave, even with her parents death she never once let her hardships bring her down. Moeka is friendly but generally keeps to herself, never having made many friends in the Academy. Her closest childhood friend would have been her cousin Asami. Moeka is also struggling to admit to herself that she is a lesbian and is only interested in other girls. She fears the ridicule she might receive from her brothers or neighbors.

Other Information:
-When I intially designed her, I had no intention of creating a new character, especially a female one. She just happened I guess. Her hair was inspired by a random doodle I did of Hana where her hair came out weird, looking like wings or something. But I love her all the same.
-Her outfit got a nicer design finally, the last one was fair too crazy.
-Her last names roughly means "firewood blooming" as the saki is derived from saku (to bloom). Moeka can be translated as "budding flower" but I originally took it from the word "Moekasu" (cinders)
Fuah I hate writing profiles in detail but its fun
There is a lot left out because her profile currently covers up until the story starts, or at least where Moeka will appear.
There is no shippuden info either because some shippuden facts have yet to be decided upon
oh well

I'll be redoing Kuroba and Kietahi's profiles to match Moeka's, since they are all teammates ya know
That's all I can say, I literally could not think of more to add
there are probably still errors and shit
but thanks to Pepper and Becky and Natchan for being my betas
you were all tremendous help
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